Handmade Japanese Bowl “Masakatsu”


They say these are the exact replicas of the bowls Samurais used to drink from…

…Before they went to battle.

Handmade in Japan with love and precision.
This will make every sip of matcha a unique experience.

The bowl allows you to feel the warmth of the tea without getting burned.

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Recommended by samurais!

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Hasekura is an old samurai.
He went to dozens of battles and survived all of them.
Not without some nasty scars. Not without looking death straight in the eye.
Still feels fear, anger and..remorse.
That’s how he knows he is still human.

The secret to his longevity and performance is this unique powdered tea.
That smells so good and gives crystal mental clarity.

Every serving, every cup of matcha is an experience.
A true ritual that you can only understand once you try it.

This handmade bowl would make Hasekura proud.
That hundreds of years later people still understand the power of matcha.
Made in Japan, based on centuries of traditions.


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