Matcha latte kokteiliai


I used coffee for a very long time because I was so used to it. The morning started first with a ritual and time for myself, so I interpreted drinking coffee as taking time for myself, but in the long run I noticed that the day was not as productive as my mood, so I replaced coffee with matcha tea. At first it was difficult to mentally transition because I only knew one way to make matcha tea which didn’t give me the taste I wanted, but my stubbornness won when I started looking for different ways to make matcha tea, so matcha latte is one of my favorite drinks and what most importantly, matcha latte can be made in many different ways and by using different flavored syrups, you can get a different taste. So, the matcha latte with foam not only looks perfect, but I FINALLY discovered a drink that tastes amazing.

INGRIDIENTS (for 1 person)

• 1 tsp matcha tea powder
• 2 drops of maple syrup
• 150 ml. hot water
• 60 ml. milk (3.5%)


In a tall glass, pour matcha tea powder with hot (80C) water, add a couple of drops of maple syrup and mix well. Beat the warmed milk (70C) with a hand mixer or an electric mixer until foam is formed. Pour the whipped milk into the matcha tea.

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