We are Samurai’s Tea – indirectly yet passionately drawing our blades to deliver high-quality matcha tea right to your home. 

We ensure that Samurai matcha tea meets all requirements and is nothing but the highest quality, providing an attractive package and affordable price for matcha-lovers of all walks. A business founded by a bunch of friends from Lithuania, we have been growing for some time now and are delighted to share our freshest, highest quality, certified matcha with you.

Žaliosios arbatos lapelis baltame fone

With its tonic, high antioxidant and vitamin properties that bring incredible energy level maintenance,  matcha tea changed the life of Samurai founder, Vytautas. 

Today’s people are in a hurry, rushing about to stick to their schedule and often feeling there is not enough time in the day. Many of us use caffeine to help us tick off all we need to do. Vytautas was no exception, frequently using this stimulant that helps us spend time actively and not fall asleep. 

During his daily rush, Vytautas “pampered” his body with coffee more than 4 times a day! Eventually, it became a habit, and then the coffee just stopped helping. 

See, the caffeine in coffee stays in the body for a couple of hours, after which the rush of energy it brings turns swiftly and severely into fatigue. In fact, scientific studies have shown that even if you double the amount of coffee ingested, the human body will only absorb the same amount of caffeine as a coffee half as strong. It’s just the brain sending signals to the body that the body needs more of this addictive caffeine, and that’s how coffee addiction occurs. 

What’s more, coffee does not contain as many vitamins, antioxidants and minerals as the body can absorb. In short, coffee is a delicious drink that has a short-term effect yet in the long run turns into an addiction.

Buddhistas vienuolis meldžiasi

During a memorable trip to Japan, local monks served Vytautas and his friends with traditional matcha tea. As the monks knelt in front of one another whipping up matcha tea with a bamboo whisk in a wide, hand-made bowl, they told Vytautus about the samurai and their tradition of drinking this tea before military campaigns and travels. A custom in which samurai wished each other good luck, they believed matcha to be a magical drink that brought them strength and blessing. The devotees told our founder how matcha tea has been made responsibly and meticulously in farms dating back hundreds, even thousands of years.

Traditional Japanese Matcha green tea

The tea had a mild, slightly sweet taste with minimal dryness and bitterness. And after just one cup, Vytautas felt energetic and light all day. The thoughts in his head were precise, and he found he could concentrate more easily. After just a week of drinking matcha tea daily, Vytautas noticed the tea was bringing him other advantages: due to the changes in climate, Vytautas had caught a cold in Japan. With its detoxifying properties and incredible vitamin content, the matcha tea boosted his immune system, as well as made his mood lighter and happier.

Matcha arbata

And that was the beginning of the inspiration behind Samurai’s Tea and a month-long search for the perfect matcha tea.

Pastata Kyoto mieste, Japonijoje

One month - that's exactly how much time was spent by Vytautas in Japanese monasteries listening to the monks’ tales about the samurai, their matcha-drinking traditions, their considering the tea a symbol of luck and happiness. He visited hundreds of farms until finally discovering the tastiest, purest matcha in Kyoto. Vytautas observed how carefully the farm workers there selected young tea leaves then picked, dried and ground them even more attentively. He engaged with the locals, asked as many questions as possible about how they recognized high-quality tea, as well as the difference between its ceremonial and culinary forms. By learning from those with matcha in their blood, he was able to prepare tea at home in the exact same way that he drank it in the company of the Japanese monks.

Japoniškos matchos milteliai

After many sleepless nights pondering upon the research he had done and reading even further sources, he decided to bring this tea to Lithuania, from where he’d eventually share it with the whole world. He wanted everyone to experience the same emotions and joy he had as soon as he tasted matcha tea. He wanted to be a part of your matcha discovery journey. Yet after conducting some more research, he realized it was not so easy to buy matcha products in Lithuania - not to mention the rest of the world. He saw only a few online stores and products in physical stores, and understood it was his task to make this tea available globally.

Premium Ceremonial Samurai’s matcha tea reaches your home today without any intermediaries. At farms in Kyoto, Japan, our tea is not only grown, collected, dried and ground but packaged, too. 

By doing things this way, we save time and additional costs, avoid packaging companies and huge markups. Later, the tea travels to warehouses located in Lithuania. Here, we keep the tea in the perfect conditions until it’s ready to leave the warehouse and arrive directly to your door. 

We do all this so that you – just like Vytautas – can feel the real, fresh taste of matcha tea and its vivid health and productivity benefits from that very first sip. 

Everyone who enjoys Samurai’s Tea receives the same Kyoto-finished matcha, which has traveled along the same chain with no additional intermediary fees or sub-optimal storage conditions. 

This is how we preserve our matcha’s pricing and quality, and ensure we bring nothing but the finest, most accessible matcha to any and every person around the world.