Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea. It dramatically enhances productivity, creativity and gives you a long-lasting energy. Join millions of matcha lovers from all over the world.


Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea. It dramatically enhances productivity, creativity and gives you a long-lasting energy. Join millions of matcha lovers from all over the world.

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"Matcha is having a moment."
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"The taste of matcha I will never forget."
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"Matcha is having a moment"
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"The world seems to be obsessed with matcha."
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Forget brain fog. Matcha increases productivity and creativity. It gives a long-lasting concentration and calm state of mind. Inspiration, energy, focus.


Matcha is a true antioxidant powerhouse. It eliminates toxins from your blood and lowers cholesterol levels. Mega-dose of cancer-fighting EGCg in every cup.


Boosts metabolism and helps to lose weight. One recent study even suggested that matcha may help burn calories by four times.


Due to its detoxifying properties, matcha is very effective in reducing acne. It helps to decrease inflammation and kills the Acne bacteria.



Samurais enjoyed matcha before the battle to gain mental alertness and clarity. It dramatically enhances productivity, boosts your creativity and gives you 6-hour lasting energy without jitters. That’s why matcha is a must in any modern office.

Rumors say that Samurai’s tea is a daily companion of such top performers as Elon Musk, Connor McGregor and Warren Buffet.


Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea. Unlike other teas, Matcha undergoes a number of additional steps in the production cycle before it makes its way to your cup, including shade growing, hand picking, stem and vein removal, and granite milling into a fine powder.

Matcha drinkers consume 100% of the whole tea leaf, enjoying its antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

For more than 1000 years people have drunk matcha for the pleasure it provides and for its effects on mood, creativity, energy, and health.


We are samurai. Indirectly, but passionately fighting for high-quality matcha tea delivered right to your home. We make sure that matcha tea meets all requirements and is only of the highest quality. We try to reach you with an attractive package and an affordable price for everyone. The business of friends from Lithuania, which has been growing and expanding for some time now, pleases you with the freshest, highest quality, and certified matcha.

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frequently asked questions

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Matcha green tea is one of the great ways to increase metabolism. This tea goes well with lots of different diets. However, we recommend consulting with a certified dietician if you have problems with metabolism or struggle with obesity.

1g matcha contains approximately 35mg of caffeine, which is why it is best to consume matcha during the first half of the day. Due to the simultaneous presence of L-theanine, caffeine found within matcha powder is being released gradually, which guarantees a constant flow of concentration and doesn’t result in a sudden decrease in energy after a couple of hours. Its effect is most noticeable during the first 2 hours after matcha consumption.

Our Samurai‘s matcha is Premium Ceremonial grade, which means that Premium grade refers to a blend of first and second harvest green teas. Because it consists of at least some first harvest matcha, its flavor is milder (less bitter) and its color will be a richer green compared to other matchas. Also, you may hear: ceremonial, and ceremonial blends (both of them are pure ceremonial matcha, but slightly different, blended with premium culinary grade) There is also culinary grade which is divided into a premium, cafe, ingredient, kitchen, and classic. The main difference between Ceremonial and Culinary grades is that the Culinary, or food, grade is lower quality matcha tea. While you can drink this grade, it’s better not to since its strong and slightly bitter taste is intended to be combined with other ingredients used in food and beverage recipes. This lower-priced food grade will also smell like fresh grass and should have a soft feel to it. And while its green color isn’t as vibrant, it’s still fairly bright green.

It‘s hard to believe, but yes. Matcha and green tea deliver high amounts of polyphenols. Polyphenols – also known as antioxidants – are chemical compounds that reduce oxidation, which causes damage to the tissues and propels aging processes.

Several factors are constituting the final price for matcha. Such factors are demand, limited production, certification in Japan and Europe, transport, duties, the cost of production, and special packaging. Although a daily matcha cup costs approximately 40 cents, it‘s up to you to decide whether it‘s expensive.

The first try of matcha can remind of a taste of fish, grass, ocean, or seaweed. It is so due to the characteristic umami taste. For beginners we suggest buying Premium Ceremonial grade – it has less bitterness, slightly sweet. Another solution is to add plant-based milk to the matcha drink.

Our ceramic bowls don‘t require a special ceremony of cleaning. You can easily wash it with a sponge and washing-up liquid or just put it into a dishwasher.

Yes! Matcha has lots of antioxidants and minerals. Of course, it‘s better not to overdose and drink responsibly because matcha has caffeine too.

We recommend matcha consumption within a max 1 year from opening, as after such time they may lose their color, flavor, and other properties.

Yes, but it can change matchas‘ taste. It‘s really important, that your bowl would be flat and without corners because you need to whisk all powder with water without any clumps.

Our bowls are handmade and ceramic. They are made by using old Japanese traditions and all of them are slightly different.